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Design of hand board

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Panel design.

     Alum source xing panel design department to industrial product appearance design, structure design, copy number design. Has a group of experienced, full of vigor, full of pioneering spirit design personnel. Take the market as the guidance, understand the law of market operation, grasp the development trend of the product, the design is the most competitive products, for the customer creation taste, then plank model making, the introduction of CNC machining center, laser rapid prototyping system with laser copy number equipment, in the most ideal quality, the most ideal structure, the most efficient plank model for the customer the first time to launch its own products, and take opportunities provided favorable conditions. We have a group of experienced, the manual fine workers, and in practice, improve themselves, the most for excellence.

     We will be good quality, accurate delivery, and competitive prices to provide you with a full range of services。

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